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wrangler_favre_.jpgBrett Favre announced his retirement via Chris Mortensen’s voice mail today.

“I know I can still play, but it’s like I told my wife, I’m just tired mentally,” The three-time NFL MVP said. “If I felt like coming back — and Deanna [his wife] and I talked about this — the only way for me to be successful would be to win a Super Bowl. To go to the Super Bowl and lose, would almost be worse than anything else. Anything less than a Super Bowl win would be unsuccessful.”

The fact that Brett has previously threaten retirement, made me suspicious about his statement. And knowing how his wife loves to talk on Brett’s behalf, I sent a text message addressing the issue to Deanna Favre. She left a message on my voice mail. Unlike Mortensen, however, I did not intentionally make Deanna leave of voice message on my phone so it could be played back for the media. I was simply on the crapper, and my shouting pleads with my girlfriend to answer the phone fell silent because she was busy watching “The L Word.”

Anyway, this is the message from Deanna:

“Hi Matt, your suspicions on whether Brett has truly made up his mind are warranted. I have doubts as well, just this morning he couldn’t even make up his mind on whether he wanted to wear his acid-washed jean shorts or the ones with the rolled up cuff on the bottom. I fear he may change his mind. Since you and Brett are such great friends, maybe you could talk to him. His MSN instant messenger name is ‘painkillers04.'”

favre-demin-shorts.jpgSix years had passed since I last used IM. So, I frantically signed up for MSN Instant Messenger and I was fortunate enough to reach Brett, who was online chatting while updating his MySpace page. He wavered slightly on the issue of retirement and which Star Wars character he was most like.

In the end, however, his final words were definitive.

“I’m just stressed out from the NFL life and trying to go out game-to-game and top myself,” Favre said. “I just want to be comfortable, and I’m comfortable in Wrangler.”


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